Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tell the Senate to Respond to the Gulf Spill Now!

A couple of days ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the plug on the Senate’s efforts to pass a series of offshore oil drilling reforms. This is extremely disappointing news in the wake of America’s worst environmental disaster and just after the House of Representatives passed the CLEAR act, which would have put necessary response and reforms into action. Tell the Senate to get over their partisan bickering and take responsibility to ensure we can respond to the Gulf spill and prevent another oil spill disaster of this magnitude from ever happening again.

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Take Action! Click here to tell the Senate they must act to respond to the Gulf spill - this delay is unacceptable.


Chad Nelsen said...

I should note that we don't blame this on Senator Reid in particular but the entire Senate that is refusing to respond to the largest environmental disaster in US history.

juillet said...

Wish us Canadians could help with you guys in response to the Senate, but this is up to you guys. However, I do think that the time has come to put aside the politics, the standing around and talking bit, and get down to cleaning up that oil. Reform can wait until all that oil is swept up.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight!

I recently spoke with George Barisich United Fisherman Association, Louisiana, who is selling t-shirts thru as a fundraiser for out-of-work fishermen.

Before hanging up he asked me for one thing, "Don't forget about us, down here," he said.

Will we?
A volunteer working to save sea otters in 1989 was quoted In the Wake of Exxon Valdez, written by Art Davidson in 1990.
"Everyone is hurting over the spilled oil now. But our memories are short. In a year, five years? We forget. It's the limit of our memories that frightens me. If we don't remember what happened in Prince William Sound, it will happen again."

How do we keep memories of this disaster and its consequences alive?

How many more times will this happen?

Let's Never Forget!

Please help George and the United Fisherman Association. go to