Monday, August 16, 2010

ESPN Highlights Pro's Thoughts on the Oil Spill

Life after the ASP World Tour is an interesting one. For one thing, you're still a surfer even if you're not in the Top 44. It's not like you hang up the board with the jersey. You certainly don't just loose the passion. In fact, some of the most inspiring and popular surfers today are Dream Tour alumnus. It also gives you time -- time to think more deeply about the world around you, time to raise a family, time to teach others to surf.

Recently there has been 1 particular prosurfer become the poster child for talking about the impact oil to our coasts and recreation.

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Anonymous said...

Please turn off all your power at home. I would like to see you take the bus or ride your bike. you people need help.If this Pres would have done his job there would not be this large of a problem. LIKE THE JONES ACT but I would nt expect you brainless people to understand.
Jack Simms

Anonymous said...

“All comments must be approved by the blog author.’

Or, in other words this is a lambaste not a dialogue and don’t you dare disagree with our naive assessment of reality? My thought for today from Gulf Shores…

Stop squandering away good money on costly TV spots promoting shoddy, slapdash, hasty assumptions as though it was real science and feed a hungry child somewhere with it instead. Perhaps this whole endeavor is just trolling for rich patrons? It is after all so much easier to milk money from a wealthy tree hugger with an oily duck than to get one to help a living breathing human.

So if you have the fortitude to post this, just send food to the really needy human beings right in your own backyard.

Mary, living the reality of the spill daily,
Have a nice day…
From Gulf Shores Alabama.

Chad Nelsen said...

The reason that we moderate the comments is not to limit commentary or dialogue, it is simply because without moderation the comments section get populated with pornographic spam.

If you really want to have a dialogue then I suggest you use your real name instead of "anonymous".