Friday, May 7, 2010

Top Florida Legislators Take Pause in Light of Disaster

Florida's two top incoming legislative leaders say there will be no discussion of offshore oil drilling in the 2011 session and perhaps for years to come. In addition, Gov. Charlie Crist said Thursday he’d consider calling lawmakers back to put an offshore drilling ban into the Florida Constitution.

Republicans Mike Haridopolos of Merritt Island and Dean Cannon of Winter Park said a Thursday fact-finding flyover of the Gulf of Mexico spill area persuaded them to take the issue off the table until they can be assured Florida won't face a similar threat.

Cannon becomes House Speaker in November when Haridopolos takes over as Senate President. Both were considered to favor offshore drilling before the April 20 rig explosion that caused the spill.

Haridopolos said neither man had seen a spill of such magnitude and said it was sobering for both of them.

While this is great news...two things still remain to be seen:
They have not said they now oppose drilling – this is critical.
They have not ruled out gas drilling next session.


Carly G. (heavenly36) said...

Why? What is wrong with peoples common sense?

Mary K. Case said...

You have been elected to 'protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the citizens of this country.'
The'little people', whom you serve,
expect you to 'stand up for them',against the 'Big Oil and Gas Companies', the 'Guys with the Deep Pockets,' who want to BUY YOU, so YOU, can help THEM put our money in THEIR pockets. You need to protect our lands, coastlines, and seas form the MONSTERS!