Saturday, May 8, 2010

Effort to place dome over the leak fails

The effort to place a containment dome over one of two remaining leaks from last month's Deepwater Horizon oil spill has failed.

According to CNN, BP was unable to place the structure over the breach due to large volumes of hydrates - crystals which form when gas combines with water - accumulated inside the dome.

The structure is now sitting on the ocean floor off to the side of the wellhead.

Surfrider Foundation has also received unconfirmed reports that the effort may have somehow actually made the situation worse.


Adam said...

I personally do not like the tone of this one- unprofessional and juvenile. We should be looking for and hoping for an end to this- not making a mockery of the ongoing tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's like a big FAIL written on the photo like Surfrider is happy at the failure, I guess so they can get some more donations as they hypocritcally continue to drive their cars.

Diana A. said...

Please... Surfrider has been one of the few groups working to address this issue before the spill in the gulf.

These oil companies have been saying for years that offshore drilling is safe, and that in the event of spill that they could effectively contain it. As it stands now, we have 5000 barrels of oil continuing to leak from the well and so far BP's response has been to 1) try and light the surface oil on fire, 2) use a scant 190 miles of booms to control a spill the size of West Virginia, 3) contaminate the area with dispersant that is toxic to wildlife, and 4) drop a dome in a plan that was so poorly thought out that abandon it on the ocean floor. Now they are saying they want to stuff the opening with...get this...trash. WTF?

If that isn't the definition of a epic failure I don't know what is?

All you people need to pull your heads out of your ass and see what's going on here. This spill is on its way of becoming the worst environmental disaster in our country's history and we still have people out there like Boehner and Landrieu still advocating for expanded offshore drilling!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see Surfrider be listed here and be active in resolving the real time problem: