Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tar-balls Washing Ashore in FL.

Chuck Barnes, Alabama Surfrider member, has been active in following the Gulf situation "post spill".

He created this blog to keep us all informed.   

Just last week, he spotted tar-balls washing ashore after a swell.  As he mentions, the tar balls are soft and black, meaning there is little weathering which means the oil could be potentially as toxic as it was the day it seeped out of the well.  


Anonymous said...

Tar bars are washing up in Florida.. ALL THE TIME. We've been seeing them for decades here.

There are dozens upon dozens of natural oil leaks on the ocean floor in that area.

What are you childish morons going to do when you don't have fuel to ferry you to all your favorite watery playgrounds?

Canoe? Sail?

Do you have any clue how many products are created out of oil?

How many medicines?

Grow up.. or at least know what you're talking about before posting about 'omg, tar balls in Florida.'

Anonymous said...

actually we DO KNOW what we are talking about because we live here and have surfed here for over 45 years. the tar balls washing ashore the last 2 weeks in northwest florida did indeed come from the deepwater horizon well since we have that footprint. and NO these type of balls have NOT been washing up here for decades.

25 percent of domestic oil and natural gas come from the gulf which reached peak oil in 2002 in the federal lease areas at which time oil production from those leases started to decline. since that time all discoveries are from 'deep' water wells, both more expensive and far from safe.

drilling in the gulf cannot gain us energy independence nor will lower the price of oil per barrel. the cost is too high. reflect on what you and we can do to mitigate our addiction to oil.