Monday, July 26, 2010

Shea and Corey Lopez on the Oil Spill in Their Home State


bradlongboard said...

It's good to see these pro surfers being pro-active and speaking out. Yes, the government needs to step it up today, they used to have the "power" to be in control of such a catastrophe. Unfortunately the laws were changed in 2006, which now dictate the reasoning why BP is in charge of being the judge, jury, and suspect in this massive mess. The saddest part is how people have been swimming in the ocean when they have not done the correct water testing. A sad display of how important tourist dollars are that we are willing to possibly sicken people in the process? We do know this much, Petroleum is one of the most caustic natural materials in our world. The dispersant, Corexit?, is now known to be at least 4 times more toxic than the oil itself, How and where does it get "dispersed"? Still unproven science? true. When are we going to realize that they wrote the terms "checks and balances" for a reason? And that our current system of capatalism leads to this type of situation without correct policing from above? Our country was raped from within and now a beautiful part of it really knows how corruption took control. It's not our current administration's fault that it happened, but they have completely failed in stepping it up and making sure that the guilty get immediatley convicted, and that the problem gets correctly solved.

John Weber said...

Reasonably well spoken surfers. We all know that this is not always the case. Can we collectively make the effort to point a video camera at famous surfers when they have something to say and say it well as was done here? All eyes are on the coast as a result of this disaster. Let's put eyes on famous coast-users.

For more info on Corexit see here