Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Media from the NJ hearing

John Weber reported in that Secretary Salazar actively participated in the hearings, listened intently to public comments, engaged speakers and even asked questions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to tell the Secretary of the Interior what your coast means to you!

Here's some coverage from Monday's hearing in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

From EXPN: Coastal Controversey: The Government, Offshore Energy and Your Surf Spots

Who's your hero?

We all have heroes — some are lifelong heroes like Occy, Bono, or Sean Penn (there's a road trip crew for ya.) Maybe your current hero is Wayne Ellington, or Parko, or Barack Obama.

Yesterday, I attended the Department of the Interior's Public Meeting on Offshore Energy Resources at the Atlantic City Convention Center and my new hero is a 12-year-old.

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Press of Atlantic City: Governor holds firm on opposition to offshore drilling

When it comes to exploring the Outer Continental Shelf, New Jersey continues to say no to the prospect of drilling for oil.
U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was in Atlantic City on Monday to hold the first of four national forums on potential energy resources, both alternative and conventional, derived from the Outer Continental Shelf, to determine what issues the Obama administration needs to focus on before developing a comprehensive five-year energy plan for the country.


From NorthJersey.com: Feds keeping door opening for offshore drilling

The waters off New Jersey should be off limits to oil and gas drilling, and only wind and wave energy should be tapped, top state officials told U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar at a public hearing in Atlantic City on Monday.

Salazar refused to rule out new drilling, however, until he completes four hearings around the country on developing the 1.7 billion acres of United States territory beneath the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Mexico known as the Outer Continental Shelf.

"Whether we open other areas around the OCS is something that will be decided based on these hearings."


Wall Street Journal: Salazar Gets Earful on Drilling

A contentious public hearing Monday highlighted the Obama administration's challenge to craft an energy policy that emphasizes alternative fuels but also recognizes the dominance of traditional sources.

Opponents of offshore drilling dominated the hearing, convened by the White House to gauge public opinion on whether the government should expand oil and natural-gas production in federal waters.


American Public Media- Marketplace: Debate on offshore drilling rages on

The Department of the Interior is holding a public hearing today on offshore drilling. Hearings will focus on a controversial plan to open up the Outer Continental Shelf for more oil and gas exploration.


Attend the hearings!

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