Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Energy & the Ocean: Part 1

What are the costs of drilling for oil offshore?

What are the alternatives for renewable domestic energy resources that come from the ocean?

How will development of ocean energy effect marine ecosystems, surfing or fishing?

We are exploring these topics in a new series in Making Waves entitled "Energy & The Ocean"

You can read the introductory article here.

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Rino said...

Thanks Chad for stating the faith based "facts"
1...climate warming fossil fuels
2...futility of offshore drilling...only account for 3% of the worlds oil supply
3...move to electric-powered transportation
4...negative global ramifications (e.g. coal)
How does any of this fit into the Mission Statement?
I have never seen the Surfrider Foundation policy on climate change, where can I go see this policy?
In response:
#1 linking fossil fuels (only) to global warming, disregards many aspects of weather and life on the 26% of total mass of earth. But your not curious about that.
#2 do you have new information about the estimated amount of oil that may me offshore in California? Exploration of oil was outlawed in the early '70s, so your fact of 3% is more than 35 years old, and new information is a violation of State law.
#3 you have faith that transportation is moving to electic. A quick check on any public road does not support this. Lets look at San Ono truck scales, not one electric vehicle. Trucks and trains use Diesel fuel, sorry.
Every aspect of commercial transportation depends on Diesel fuel. Wanna eat? how do you think food is grown, harvested, delivered, and consumed? You can ignore that part of the global economy.
#4 what right do you have to vilify a natural resource? There are clean uses of coal, guess you didn't know.
I have been involved in Surfrider Foundation since it's inception in the early '70s and I have had it with this "sky is falling" faith, not fact based global warming, raise taxes, and grant the money to popular trendy technology. Gov't will decide which to support, not the Market. This effort at global warming is out of the mission statement and your use of our donated money is out of line with fighting for the protection of the surf breaks.
Chad why not inform and educate using science. For example:
What is the most common green house gas? and what is being done about it? (it's water vapor and what is being done about it)
How is it that the sun and clouds are not included in global warming projections?
Explain how you are going to deal with the largest CO2 emission ever. The volcano in Alaska that just erupted. Based on what we hear, we are all doomed.
I teach truck driving at a local community college, and have run a trucking business in California for almost 20 years. Why is the State of California planning and teaching truck driving through the community college system and expanding this education, if what you say is true?