Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laird Hamilton for Clean Energy

Thanks to our friends at NRDC for this one.


buoywunder said...

I've been driving a Jeep Liberty CRD, filling it with Biodiesel for a year now. Interesting thing is I bought it on Maui and test drove it down to the lookout over Peahi. Cool to see Laird's endorsement and I agree. It's up to us.

Erin & Co. said...
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EMintouch said...

There was an article lately talking about researchers (in Japan) who are learning ways to generate energy through wave power. This is very fascinating, it was published in the paper Sonoma County Bohemian Dec 17th 2008 "Wave Buoy". Thanks to researchers who care about the future and spokesmen who are speaking out. We all need to be more aware of our actions. Laird, You are great!
local Ca. ocean lover, E.Mitchell