Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dems Sell Out Our Coasts - Open The Door To Offshore Drilling

Last night, the House passed a Democrat sponsored bill that opens the door for new and expanded offshore drilling. The vote effectively ends a 27-year moratorium on new offshore drilling.

The measure, HR 6899, was approved by a 236-189 vote after a Republican motion to recommit it in the House Natural Resources Committee was rejected.

The bill allows drilling at least 100 miles off the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, with an option for states to allow exploration as close as 50 miles from shore.

The bill keeps the ban on drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico off Florida but lifts the moratorium on developing oil shale from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming so long as the three states agree. Massachusetts lawmakers made an 11th hour addition prohibiting exploration in Georges Bank.

Environmentalists had earlier pinned their hopes on Democrats maintaining their longstanding opposition to offshore drilling. In fact, as recently as August 2008 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had pledged her unwavering opposition to offshore drilling, saying, "I'm not giving the gavel away to a tactic...that supports the oil (companies), big oil at the cost and the expense of the consumer."

However Pelosi reversed her position in recent weeks, eventually championing HR 6899.

"(This bill) was the result of a bipartisan compromise in favor of sweeping innovation solutions for America's energy future," said Pelosi.

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Rob Nixon said...

Pelosi also privately told her party that they could support offshore drilling if it meant them winning or losing their seat in November!

I am actually suprised that they even let the bill come to a vote!

I was convinced that Pelosi would just let the moriorium quietly expire at the end of the month so no one had to even publicly state where they stood by voting.

It always comes down to votes and re-election with politicians and the Dems are no different. This is exactly why I don't trust Obama who, by the way still refuses to be specific on his 10 year energy proposal!

I don't like McCain either and personally wish there really was a viable third non career politician person to vote for!